Sunday, August 19, 2012

Világhirű Rajkó zenekara Gold Coast-on

A Rajkó Zenekar vendégművészei 

és a Gold Coast-i Magyar Egyesület vezetösége 

nagyon sok szeretettel és különleges műsorral 

várják a közönséget Gold Coast-on 

a Broadbeach-i teremben! 

Szeptember 30-án 2012, Vasárnap Órakor.

Helyfoglalás: Horváth Gyöngyi 07-55 748 505

Welcome to the best  Concert Event of the year, 
at the  Gold Coast Hungarian Association.
30 September 2012, 5 pm at the 
Broadbeach Senior Citizen Center
Broadbeach QLD.

RAJKÓ Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra  
from Budapest 

A European tradition in folk and classical music at its best 
The world famous RAJKÓ Orchestra has toured most Continents of the World with unprecedented success. They have performed in Australia on many occasions and this year’s Tour marks their long awaited return to Gold Coast. Performances will feature an seven member orchestra with traditional instruments producing the “Authentic Gypsy music” sound of the 19th and 20th Centuries. 
Their repertoire includes traditional folk music, classical masterpieces and old evergreen favorites, presented in a style which can only be heard in Budapest. Every performer is a highly skilled master of his instrument and the orchestra members have played together for decades, assuring  a perfect ensemble sound. 

“A concert that you will enjoy”

Please book on time!
Pearl (Gyongyi Horvath) Tel: 07-55 748 505